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Laurie Hastings’ print work explores moments of quiet, where the subject engages in a private dialogue with their environment. This could be a space in the natural world, an urban landscape or within their imagination.


While first building the image through hand drawn line, Hastings brings her work to life through silk screen printing. Her use of a muted colour palette helps to convey a sense of calm reflection. 


Hastings’ most recent work, her Rainbow Powers Series, celebrates imagination, happiness and hope. Starting life as a sketchbook scribble to entertain her young daughter, they took on a new resonance with the start of the pandemic, symbolising the resilience of children and their inspiring ability to live only in the present moment. 


Hastings was born in Hong Kong in 1981. Hastings graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004 with a degree in Illustration. During her degree she spent 3 months on placement at Rhode Island School of Design. Prior to this she undertook her Art Foundation Course at Chelsea College of Art, London in 1999. Hastings currently lives in Nottingham, silk screen printing from her home studio and Dizzy Ink Print Workshop.


Hastings has exhibited her print work in galleries throughout the UK since 2004, in solo and mixed shows. Highlights include ‘Featured Artist’ at Edinburgh Printmakers, ‘The Great Print Exhibition’ The Rheged Centre Cumbria, ‘Blisters’ at Print Club London and ‘Dazzle’ at The National Theatre London.

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