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Screen Print Artist's Spotlight: Atelier Bingo

I recently had the pleasure of looking into the work of Atelier Bingo, for a school workshop. We were attempting to create prints in their style – their work lends itself well as inspiration for paper-cut stencil screen printing as they predominantly use geometric shapes and bright bold colours to create their playful abstracted prints.

Atelier Bingo are a French art and design duo – Maxime Prou and Adèle Favreau. Their process starts with creating paper cut-outs and collage, and then they use screen printing to develop their work further, building up the image colour by colour without a preconceived idea of the final image. (They are not married exclusively to the screen printing process though, they also experiment in oil colour, pencil, ink, wood and ceramics!)

Looks like they have a pretty special living space come workshop set up too.

Check out their website to learn more -

All images © Atelier Bingo

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