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Where do you keep your Sunshine?

Studio Rose keep theirs in the kitchen!

I was delighted to receive this photo from London based Architects Studio Rose a few weeks ago, with my Sunshine Orange & Sunshine Lemon Prints featured in their kitchen.

Studio Rose is a small architecture studio in East London that specialises in residential projects, focusing on creating beautiful and functional spaces for everyday life. Each project is tailored to the unique needs of each client, whilst responding to the opportunities and constraints of the existing context. Take a look at their instagram to see more beautiful spaces: @studioroselondon

Sunshine Screen Prints by Laurie Hastings are shown on the wall of a minimalist white kitchen, with pops of primary colours throughout

Photograph © Studio Rose

If you'd like a Limited Edition Sunshine Lemon and Sunshine Orange Silk Screen Print for your kitchen or elsewhere, they are available now in my Print Shop for £95 each or £160 for the pair.

Two framed screen prints of Chinese juice boxes are displayed on a brick wall

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