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Chelsea Westminster Hospital Birth Centre

I was commissioned by CW+ to create a series of large wall murals and matching framed works for the birthing rooms and hallways of the hospital's brand new Midwife Led Birth Centre in 2014.

Initial inspiration for these pieces was sparked by the names of the birthing rooms, which are named after aromatherapy oils used by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Midwives to help women in labour. I liked the idea of using the plants and flowers related to each oil as a prominent feature within each illustration. I combined this idea with the themes of nature and natural landscapes, to help create engaging compositions with depth and interest. Pattern and simple line work, along with soft colours, were used to create a focus, and a calming atmosphere for women in labour. The birds, nests and feather motif used throughout the illustrations symbolise new life, nurturing and protection.

The brief was created in consultation with the hospital's midwives in order to create imagery that was appropriate, and potentially beneficial, to the needs of the patients.

Photos © Ben Langdon

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