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A Community for Screen Print Artists

I have started an online Community for Screen Print Artists! It's a space for aspiring Screen Print Artists, and those who want to improve their practise and be part of a community too. If you’re just starting out, you’re a bit rusty, or you are a practising screen printer that wants a bit of support, this will be a safe place to ask questions, share ideas and learn from each other.

So why have I set this community up? What I’ve found in recent years, since the pandemic and having my daughters, is that working from home, while having lots of benefits, can be a lonely pursuit. You can miss the the cross-pollination of ideas and learning that naturally occurs in a shared studio environment, not to mention the studio bants!

So I’m creating a space to do this online, and I’m hoping this will be a place that we can recreate some of the magic of a shared studio environment.

I’m also hoping to set up some simple online screen printing courses in the next few months, the content of which I’d like to tailor around what would be most helpful to you. So I wanted to set up a forum to find out the kind of support aspiring Screen Print Artists need.

We will be discussing paper, ink, home studio set-ups, techniques, troubleshooting, and equipment. And we could talk about selling prints, markets, getting work into galleries, if that’s the kind of thing people are interested in too.

If it sounds like a bit of you, hit the link in the below to join us, and come and be a part of something new as it evolves!

Cup of tea amongst screen printing inks and tape

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