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Screen Print Artist's Spotlight: Nell Smith

When I took part in Sheffield Print Fair last year, there was a Printmaker’s Printmaker Award where all the stall holders could vote for their favourite stall holder/printmaker. I loved the movement, expressive line and texture used in Nell’s work, along with the delicate balance of colour. So my Printmaker’s vote was for Nell, and it was no surprise when she ended up the winner.

Nell is an illustrator and printmaker based in Manchester, UK. She takes a painterly approach to printmaking, working intuitively and spontaneously. She uses different screen techniques to create her prints, including monoprinting.

She describes her prints having “a joyful and musical feel, lying somewhere between painting, collage and printmaking.”

To see more of her work, take a look at her website -

All images © Nell Smith

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